About the pic in the header

The picture you see in the header is the only picture of me taken during my illness and recovery. It was taken roughly the first week of March 2002, after my second hospitalization for infections during my initial chemotherapy. Note the scruffy hair — I never lost all of it. It did grow back.

And notice the blemishes and other things on the face. There are some really weird stories about those that happened during chemo you’ll read about later. (I suggest not having lunch before reading, though.) Check it out in the treatment categories in the sidebar.



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  1. Just to say that i’m a survivor of AML (APL), i was diagnosed on nov 17th ’06 and underwent treatment up until feb ’07. After my first wack of chemo i went into remmision and have stayed that way since.

    What i wanted to say was that my mother almost had it the worst, having to watch. She still worries to this day, but it is you who keeps her at bay. If she ever gets down or worries, she comes onto this website and your story helps her (and in turn, me) to move on.

    So, thank you.

    Rob Hardy

  2. Thank you for this blog, Gregg!

    • A much delayed but very heart felt thank you for staying on here and giving the love and support people going through this need so much. You’re awesome Cara!

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