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Thanks for stopping by.  I know a lot of Team in Training people are sent over here because I’m still an honoree, or honored patient, for the Peninsula Run Team.  Others may be wandering here from some google search of APML or some other term (I get a lot of hits from “sea turtles” interestingly).   Whatever the reason, welcome.  I have gone inactive on this blog for about the past year, and wanted to update.  And to give special mention to some of the TNT participants who’ve particularly inspired me lately.

The last entry here, about a year ago, showed some pretty nasty injuries from a bike accident.  I did decide to not recommit for that season after that incident.  I had been getting a bit further behind in training (and being new to cycling I needed all the training I could get).  I also had some job troubles at that time as well.  I’ll come back to cycling at a later point.

But I have stayed active with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, both with TNT and with Walk the Night at work.  Right now, I’m an honoree for the Fall Peninsula Run Team, and have spoken at several information meetings each season.  I’ve spoken at some track workouts and have worked a few waterstops during some of the longer training runs.  Here’s a picture.

At a waterstop

At a waterstop, Pacifica CA. August 2009

After having the difficulty with the cycling program I began to question if working with TNT and for LLS was still what I wanted to do.  But I have continued.  And this weekend, I had an experience which reminded me why I continue to work with runners/fundraisers for TNT.

I worked a waterstop at a training run at Portola Valley, where the participants ran anywhere between 8 and 12 miles depending on what event they were doing.  It was a beautiful day, just beginning to be a bit warm at the end of the run.  The program has many athletes of differing abilities, but having ran my first few events a couple years ago I’m always more impressed with the less experienced runners.

There was one, named Alissa Winzeler, who made a big impression on me.  The runners went by our water stop on two occasions, once on the way out and another on the way back to the finish.  On the way out Alissa looked good, and was in very good spirits.  On the way back, she had run several miles, more she said than she’d ever run before.  And she was crying.  A lot of runners have physical ailments which may hurt them.  And while she did have some aches, she said she wasn’t crying because she was hurting.  She said the whole experience of the run, along with everything else going on in her life (she mentioned she was in the middle of a move this weekend) really moved her.  She seemed a bit overwhelmed by the experience, thinking she wasn’t sure if she could complete this run, and making it through it. I saw her again at the end of the run, as she was finishing.  She was still overwhelmed and tearful.  I couldn’t have been more proud of her.

Here’s why I was so proud of her and her accomplishment, and this is why I love this program.  Alissa is VOLUNTEERING her time and her energies to fund raise (she’s already met her minimum), and going through this program.  Allissa didn’t have to fundraise.  Heck, with her moving this weekend,  she probably shouldn’t have taken the time to run.  But she did.  She ran farther than she ever had in her life,  pushing herself further to achieve, being and doing more than is required.  And all the while, doing something that raises funds for research into blood cancers, so others can live.  That’s FANTASTIC.

She’s a better person for doing it, and the world is a better place for her doing it.  She should be very proud of herself right now.

Alissa Winzeler

Alissa Winzeler

Allissa — and all other TNT participants — should be very proud of themselves right now.  Because I’m proud of all of you.  Thanks for all you do.

I’ll likely not update this again in the near future, but I’ll keep it up as an archive, and come back to it and update again at a later date.


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  1. hi gregg, where are you now ? please keep us updated on your progress


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