So, here’s the deal….

August 26, 2008 at 5:06 am | Posted in Reasons why I run | Leave a comment

After two successful running events in 2007, a full marathon in June and a half marathon in November, and enjoying some well deserved time off from any training, I have decided to do another event.

Only this time, on a bike.

I’ve signed up to cycle the el Tour de Tucson this November — 109 miles around the perimeter of Tucson.


First, I was looking for something besides running to do.  I always wanted to get back into cycling — I had a bike for about a year about 25 years ago when I started college.  But that was on a bike with a banana seat and streamers.  I’m mostly not kidding — it was a very rudimentary bike, unlike current road bikes with multiple gears.  Also, I was living with my parents in a very rural area on flat mostly empty roads in Texas, unlike cycling over hills and in urban areas around San Francisco.  So I figured, what a better way to get back into it than joining Team in Training again?  You get terrific coaching, training on some of the most beautiful areas of the world (the San Francisco Bay area), and lots of advice and assistance.  They could take a novice cyclist and turn them into an experienced cyclist by the end of the program.  It was definitely the way to get back into it.

But more than anything, I want to raise more funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  The needs are still there — another person dies from a blood related cancer every nine minutes. There’s still a lot to do.  I have more people for whom I’m running this season who I’ll introduce you to.

And, now it’s six and one half years disease free — in full remission with no evidence of the disease.  I CAN get out there and cycle.  Why not?

So, get ready to join me as the season progresses.

I’m a little behind on the blog — we’ve been training for most of the month of August.  I’m learning A LOT — something every time I’m on the bike.  Like, how to shift.  And how to make it up a hill.  Hills will be my friend.  Someday.

I’m training with the San Francisco Cycle Team, and they’ve all been TERRIFIC to work and train with.  Here’s a pic from when I was on a training ride with the team a couple of weekends ago, in Golden Gate Park.

Do I look like I’m having difficulty shifting?  I was.  But behind me in yellow in the pic above was my awesome Honoree Captain, Michelle, who rode with me and gave me terrific advice and support.  That ride was 20 miles; we did another 20 miles this last weekend.

But I’m enjoying this SOOO much.

And, it helps to think on whose behalf I’m doing this.

I have a special honored patient for whom I’m cycling this season — Travis Wallace.  I talked about him last year in this post, but there’s been more since then.  I’ll talk more about him and his family in a later post.

Suffice to say, Travis will inspire me to train and will help me make it up the most steep hills this season.


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