TNT training – 20 miles in Monterey…. With lots of photos

May 21, 2007 at 4:56 am | Posted in My current training, TNT | 1 Comment

On Saturday, May 12, we had our biggest and last major run before the Rock N Roll Marathon on June 3. This was 20 miles. Yes, that’s 20.

I was a little worried before the run. I had only run 14 miles as the longest, due to the injuries. I had asked the TNT coach his opinion, and that morning, he said, it would be best if I ran the full 20, if I was feeling well. So I did….

Luckily, the long run is in one of the most beautiful places in the world, starting in Monterey and continuing through Pacific Grove and down the area. We started in Monterey, near Cannery Row and along the water, seeing harbor seals and other animals….




and down along Monterey Bay to Pacific Grove ….


Here, you run along paths for several miles through beautiful ice plants along the ocean….


And I met new friends along the way…..


(That was a mural on the history of the area along the run….)

For many miles we ran long the beaches past Pacific Grove, with incredible blue water….


And by Pebble Beach golf course along the water. Green fees for the low low price of several thousand dollars, no doubt….


It was a truly spectacular run. It really helped to run in this area.

Not that it was all great. I did run six miles more than I had ever run. I was fine, mostly, taking pictures and going along fine, until about mile 19, with about a half mile to go.

I didn’t take any pics at that time. I was sooooo ready for it to end. That last half mile was really tough.

But another great thing about this run – when you finish, you take a dip in the ocean.


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What I’ve learned is, very cold water on the legs help them to recover much more quickly. Professional athletes use ice baths after strenuous workouts all the time. So after this long run, we were encouraged to get into the water – northern California oceans are about 50 degrees, so just a little water is plenty.

Over all though, the last half mile can’t take away how great it was. It was really special.


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  1. WOW – I’m proud of you & the beautiful view must have kept you motivated to run, run & (yes) more running.

    Good for you. Keep up the good work & all for a wonderful cause. The field of flowers was a great view.

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