Training update 4-22-09: Shin splints, the flu…

April 24, 2007 at 7:09 am | Posted in My current training | Leave a comment

When I was in New York I felt some unusual pain in my left shin. Sure enough, when I got back, after my TNT coach looked at it, he diagnosed a shin splint injury. It was hard to walk for a couple of days, but it got progressively better that week with a break from the training, ice and stretching.

That Saturday April 14 was supposed to be a long coached run within Huddart Park in Woodside — 12 to 14 miles. With the injury, the coach told me to run only six, and do a lot of walking with the running, about 50/50. I got lucky, actually, since that day it poured — it started raining about in my last mile, and by the time I finished it was really bad. The other runners, who did at least an hour or so more than I did — really had a “character building” exercise.

I did take some pics — some hills, and the trail went past Highway 280.




Over the next few days the shin did well, and I progressed back into a normal schedule. On Tuesday April 17 I went to a track workout. We did laps around the track at the College of San Mateo. We did some speed work — nice to go all out. The shin felt fine.

Then…. The flu. I had been sniffling and ok earlier in the week, and then by Wednesday and Thursday it hit bad. I really didn’t get over it until Saturday, when I basically didn’t get out of bed all day. On Sunday April 22 I was feeling good enough to do six miles, but at about mile 5 I started having that flu-like lightheadedness, and walked most of the rest.

Off to Philadelphia for work all this week, and then this weekend another long coached run — 14 to 16 miles. Wish me luck.


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