Training update, 4-11-07: Running in snow flurries — on Easter in NYC

April 12, 2007 at 4:17 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

As you note in the previous update below, the uphill training run on Saturday 3/31 kicked my behind big time. It was tough, both aerobically and on my knees. I took a couple days off of training to get back on track.

The week of April 2 was the first week this training schedule that I was not able to get in much training during the week. That Monday I flew to Boston to do one of my seminar programs that next day, and flew back that Wednesday. With the work I had to catch up, I wasn’t able to get any training in until Friday, when I did an 85 minutes in the gym on two different machines — 45 on the treadmill and 40 on an eliptical machine.

That next Saturday the 7th I flew to New York City for a seminar the following week. So that Sunday, April 8th, being in New York, I wanted to do a long run in Central Park. It was Easter Sunday, but it was also very cold there, at least to me — wind chill at 27 degrees, and snow flurries. But I did run eight miles. It was great.

Unfortunately I forgot to bring the camera on this trip. So the only evidence I have is the frostbite.

I may have overdone it, though. Along with the running, I did a LOT of walking in NY, exploring, etc. The next day, Monday the 9th, since I knew I would have the seminar the next day and would fly the next and not be able to work out, I did get 35 minutes on a treadmill in at the hotel.

With doing a lot of walking on top of that the rest of Monday and Tuesday, by the time I left NYC on Wednesday I started to feel some pain on my lower leg when I walked. During the flight it started to hurt more. Not sure what’s going on. I may have shin splints. Will keep you posted.

But in the last few weeks, I’ve run in Orlando, Denver, Honolulu, and in Central Park in NYC. It’s been a LOT of fun.


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  1. I guess you can tell everyone you ran in the snow. Uphill. Going to school. Or such.

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