Training update 3-29-07 – running in HI

April 6, 2007 at 3:24 am | Posted in AIG, My current training | 1 Comment

One of the challenges of my training this season is my work – I have an intense travel schedule this spring, so I’m working hard to keep up with the running while traveling. In previous weeks I wrote about running in Orlando and Denver. On March 28, I flew to Honolulu for a business meeting, and was to come back the next night on a red eye flight back to San Francisco. (I’ve made over 20 trips to Hawaii for work in the last five years. I’ve been able to enjoy some but mostly it’s work and not vacation fun.)

To keep from missing training, I’ve tried to run during every trip, either in the hotel gym or in the outdoors if I have a car. I arrived in Honolulu about 5 pm, went to the hotel, changed, and then drove to Ala Moana Park.

If you’ve been to Honolulu you might know the park – it’s right at the edge of downtown, between the downtown business district and Waikiki. It’s one of the largest urban parks in the US, and has its edge a very beautiful beach. I usually drive through it when I’m in the area, since even if I’m just working on this trip I can at least see a little sand and surf. It also has some nice ocean side trails, for about 3 ½ miles.

Just to prove I actually did it, I took some photos. The pics are a bit odd – I’m still trying to figure the best way to take pictures at night, and It was dark by the time I got there, so the yellowish night lights were on. But you can still make some of it out.





And, to top it off, I had time after I finished my meetings, and time before I left that night. So I went to the 24-Hour Fitness gym and did 45 minutes of elliptical cardio, plus some cross training, there. No pics of that, but I am proud of it.



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  1. Yowza. I need to get back on the elliptical.
    I remember Honolulu fondly…

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