Why I run – Carol; and, doggone it, because I can…

April 2, 2007 at 2:12 am | Posted in Reasons why I run, TNT | Leave a comment

I mentioned in the last post how I ran 7 miles at Sawyer Camp Trail on a recent Saturday. On the trail going in the other direction were many runners and cyclists. But on this day were a lot of walkers. I quickly realized this was a training walk for another Team in Training group, the walk team. See, along with the run team, there is a group that prepares for walking a marathon, with special workouts and coaching focused on walking an endurance event. And as you do when a TNT participant sees another in a practice session, I acknowledge them in the way we’re told to do when we sign up (if you’re not in TNT I won’t spoil the surprise for you). That kept me motivated to keep going as well.

And finally I came to someone I talked about earlier in the blog (see at this link) , Carol. Carol spoke at the initial kickoff to this TNT season, and she’s an honoree this season for the walk team. I was doing a run/walk program that day, so fortunately I came upon Carol as my walk time began, so I walked with her and we talked.

She’s quite the inspiration. Remember a couple of blog posts ago I was saying how I am in awe of those going through treatment and still participate in endurance events? Carol was doing that same thing that very day. She’s currently in treatment, and she says when she feels up to it she participates with the team. So, today she “felt good enough” to walk 12 miles. I could barely walk down the halls when I was in treatment, and here she’s walking 12. Amazing. As I left from talking with her she yelled out at me, “You’re my inspiration.” Wow, pot, kettle, black. You amaze and inspire me.

Which brings me to another reason why I run this season. It’s something that I’ve been thinking of during these long runs. I run because I can. I’ve been through a lot, and through some things that many don’t make it through. I did. I can run. So I must.

It feels good when I run. I feel alive when I run. Energized, goal oriented, successful. Enjoying the beauty of life, including my own health.

Yes, I run for Carol, and for Samuel, and Justin, and Peggy, and my aunt Martha, and countless others. But I also run for me.


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