Training update – 3/18/07 – Half Moon Bay – I ran ten miles! Without taking the car at all!

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Yesterday we had the latest coached run. At the coached run we meet as a group and run a long run at a set course with waterstops along the way. Over the course of the training at these every other Saturday runs the mileage is increased as part of the program in preparing for the 26.2 miles, going as far as 21 miles before the marathon.

On this weekend, the run was to be anywhere between 6 and 10 miles, depending on what race you were doing and what your previous preparation has been. I had run as far as six miles a few times, so I thought I’d run eight this weekend.

The course was along in Half Moon Bay, from Pillar Point Harbor and down the oceanside. I’ve got some pics below; see the full set on my Flickr site at the link below:

We started at 7 am, and with Daylight Savings Time started, it was foggy and fairly dark.


We continued running along the ocean, near some of the resort hotels and homes along the seaside. Beautiful.


We started running along the beaches in the HMB area along the coast. I started conversations with Paul and Joyce, a married couple who I ended up running near the rest of the way. They’re in a lot of the pictures you’ll see.


Here’s a good pic of me they took at Francis Beach….


Like I said above, one of the great things about the coached runs every other weekend is they have waterstops for the runners. This is DEFINITELY a breath of fresh air for a tired thirsty runner. And the waterstop volunteers are very encouraging. Here’s a couple of cheerleader/water stop volunteers…..copy-4-of-copy-of-p3170095.JPG

It was at this waterstop, at mile 4, where you would normally turn around and re-run the course to do eight, or to continue on another mile and turn around at the five mile mark, to do ten miles. One of the mentors, Andy, noted that if I was running San Diego Rock N Roll, that I probably should do the ten miles. And I thought, well, … OK. Might as well.


So I was off.

The course continued on another mile….


For another mile to the 10 mile turn around at mile 5.


That part of the course was great. Along with the ocean on one side, there’s a dirt course on the other side of the asphalt we were running on where horses and horseback riding would take place. It was a great sight.


And it went well! One of the great things about these long runs is that they are on such incredible courses — it really helps take your mind off the challenges you’re putting your body through. I don’t recall feeling pain at all during the run. I wish I would always be able to say that, but I think the program is designed to help in that way.

See me smiling? This was at about mile 8.5!


And the course continued to show new sights and beauty at every turn….copy-4-of-p3170124.JPG

And I finished. Ten miles! Didn’t seem to be that bad. I wasn’t fast, by any stretch of the imagination. But I’ve realized that the celebration of the moment, enjoying the ability to be able to run and enjoy life and what life has to offer, is much more important than breaking five hours on my first marathon.

If I want someday to worry about time, I can do that later. But now, I want to feel and experience it all. And take pictures.


I was tired on Saturday, and the legs and feet were a little tired, but nothing bad. And on Sunday I did fine. I think I might be able to do this.



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  1. CONGRATS !!!! I’ll get back on your website to see if I can make an online contribution. You GO GUY!!!

    I’m glad you’re able to be committed to this cause. I know it’s a worthwhile & near/dear to your heart event. GOOD LUCK. You’re almost half way there. Or you running half a marathon?

  2. Hey, Gregg-
    You look so wonderful in these pics! And what a great place to train, too. Congratulations on making 10 miles. I know that you are quite busy these days, but sometimes we do our best work under the such time constraints. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hey Gregg,
    You look awesome on your run and I am so excited for you. In my own experience you are in the high point of training. You have probably run farther than you ever believed yourself capable. Remember this feeling when you get to the 18-20 mile runs on Saturday. My thoughts and prayers will be with you for the rest of your journey–race day is going to be a blast and you will be able to remember the accomplishment later even if you never run again. (This is definitely the voice of experience speaking!)
    Wendy Rhinehart

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