Training update — 3/14/07

March 14, 2007 at 6:00 am | Posted in TNT | Leave a comment

Been awfully busy with travel for work, so posts have been fewer in number. But with the pace, I’ve still managed to keep up with the marathon training, for the most part.

Saturday 3/3 was probably the most remarkable. We had our latest coached run on that day. It was along the bay front in San Mateo, south of San Francisco. It was in a beautiful trail that ran along the bay through some beautiful parks. Here are some pics I took along the run….



I did a little less than six miles that day. I had done six miles previously, but it had been prior to my recent knee injury. The knee held up well. I felt a little more tired than when I had done it previously but that’s ok.

Some of the greatest things about these runs are being able to run with and meet some terrific people. One in particular was Kathleen. She had done a half marathon for TNT last fall, and she’s doing it yet again. I loved one of the buttons on her cap — I relate to it SOOO well…..

It says, “100% SLUG.” Believe me, she does not run like a slug.

And here are some other pics of the run.


Here’s the team manager, Becky. She loves to strike a pose.


Here’s my mentor Lee. She’s awesome. And a terrific smile, too….
From 3/3 to 3/14 — Through the remainder of the last week and a half, I haven’t made any of the track workouts during the week because of work commitments, but I have been keeping up with workouts, either running on my own or working out in hotel gyms. Hey, you do what you can.
The next coached run is this weekend. I’ll bring my camera, and will have pics again.


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