Those in whose honor I run #6 — Justin Waters

March 14, 2007 at 6:26 am | Posted in chemotherapy, Reasons why I run, Terry Timmons | 1 Comment

Let me introduce you to someone else in whose honor I will run.

My brother Terry is a school superintendent in Abbott, Texas, a small town south of Dallas. We grew up about 5 miles from Abbott in another small town. In a small town you share the good times (you should see a wedding in a community where most are of Czech descent — seems like the entire town is invited and comes out for a big bash) and the not so good times. Lots of terrific people there, who care a lot.

Terry told me about someone named Justin Waters.


I didn’t know him, but Terry did. Here’s what Terry had to say about him:

He was around 8-9 when he was first diagnosed with leukemia. His family goes to our church and I personally taught Justin in my Confirmation class. …

Justin did [go into remission] and then went another 4 plus years before it becoming active again. He and his parents were told that a bone marrow transplant was his only hope for survival. So he went on the transplant registry.

Luckily, in April of 2005, a match was foungd in Germany of all places. So he was given the marrow and improved immediately. He spent a lot of time at home, but in April 2006, he left the house to go to his Senior prom. Later in May, he walked across the stage to receive his high school diploma from West High School.

Unfortunately, his lungs were attacked with a form of fungus. So, late last year, 2006, he went to Houston to have a lung transplant since the fungus had about destroyed the lungs.

A donor was found and he was doing great again. They even talked of him coming home for a day or two to celebrate Christmas with his family. That never happened though because he started having seizures and a brain scan revealed that he had lesions on the brain — caused by this same fungus.

Finally, Justin succumbed to all the diseases on January 19th at the age of 19.

I will be deeply honored to run in Justin’s honor.


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  1. January 19 is my birthday. I donate to this cause in honor of your honoring Justin Waters.

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