Training update – 3/1/07

March 3, 2007 at 5:09 am | Posted in My current training, Rene McGillicuddy | 1 Comment

For those who are paying attention, you may have noticed that the last training update was on 2/18. What happened in the roughly two weeks since?

Knee sprain, that’s what. Last update I had mentioned how well everything was going, and, oh, by the way, I had a spill while skiing and my knee was a problem. It unfortunately stayed a problem. I was out most of the last full week of February with a problem knee. I tried the track workout on Tuesday the 20th, and did a little, but I wasn’t ready. I laid low the remainder of the week.

This week, I was almost ok, with very little knee pain. I was all set to try the track workout on Tuesday 2/27, until, that afternoon. Sinus headaches and icky flu feelings came over me. When I got home to change to go to track, I told myself, I’ll just lay down on the bed for just a couple minutes and go. An hour later, I wake up, face down on the bed, drool on the pillow, still in my tie and work shoes.

So I was afriaid the rest of the week would be like that. But by Thursday, today, 3/1, I was feeling good enough to let Rene talk me into running in the Marina after work. I did fine — I felt good. No knee stuff. I took it somewhat easy, doing the run/walk thing, but I did four miles. And it was another beautiful day. So I think I’m back on track.


This pic wasn’t taken on Thursday, but it is the Marina, or more precisely, at Crissy Field. Check out Alcatraz in the distance behind me.


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  1. Gregg, I don’t know I’m doing this right but if I am….This blog is fantastic. Thank you for your kind words. I’m off to Italy. My “training” has me ready for the walking….Rome….then a train to Florence….then…. You are my inspiration too. Hugz, Doug

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