Training update – 2/18/07

February 19, 2007 at 6:12 am | Posted in My current training | Leave a comment

Another week of training since the last update, with a slightly unfortunate ending.

I traveled for work out of town this past week, so I was not able to attend the Tuesday track work out. I was able to put time in on a treadmill twice this week, both for about 50 minutes running.

I went skiing over the weekend to Tahoe. I’m learning this season, and I’m getting it. Really enjoying it.

And I really got it on Saturday, after arriving late Friday from Houston and the drive up. (I had done the treadmill that Friday morning.) On Saturday, it was a beautiful day of skiing, clear, warm for a winter day, and good conditions since the snow last weekend. It went well, although I did take a spill on the first run of the day. I felt my knee twist slightly, but nothing else at that time. All was good, and the rest of the day was a blast.

However, that evening I started feeling tightness and a little pain on the inside part of the knee. It began to swell slightly, and in a while I was limping. It was a mild pain, and only periodically when walking. But I did the RICE thing – rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

This morning it hadn’t improved, so I didn’t go skiing. It was still giving me problems. I’ll be home tomorrow, and can talk to the TNT coach on Tuesday at the track workout. I imagine I’ll be out of training for a few days. But, like Auhnuld, I’ll be back.


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