Training update – 2/13/07

February 14, 2007 at 6:04 am | Posted in My current training | Leave a comment

I’m going to now actually use this as a real blog, at least for the training updates.  While the history posts will be going back in time, I am going to update how things are in real time.

This updates since the Saturday 2/3 coached run at Stanford with the pics posted previously.  Last Tuesday after the coached run we had our first track workout, which will be held weekly for the rest of the season.  We did some running, did a lot of core stretching, and heard more from the coaches about various training principles.  It’s great to get to know some of the other mentors and participants I haven’t met so far.  They’re all really terrific people.

This last Saturday was an “On Your Own” run, which is held on the alternate Saturdays opposite the coached runs, which are every other week.  OYO runs are for you to do yourself, although there are some group OYO runs, as oxymoronic as that sounds.  I was going to go to one on Saturday, but it was pouring, and I’m still not sure if I will melt in the rain.  (And I was able to help Susie move.)

Since I didn’t run that day, I ran on Sunday, on Great Highway.  To make up for not running (and for that homemade chocolate velvet cheesecake that my roommate Bob made and I ate too much of on Saturday), I ran extra.  I did an 8/2 run/walk and did SIX, count ’em, six miles.  Took about 70 minutes, but it was a new record.  The run/walk format is great.  I can do more miles than before and not die at the end.  I’ll definitely do the longer runs in this manner as the program continues and the miles pile up.

Yesterday, Monday, I had planned to do a bit at the gym, but work got away from me.  Plus I figured I could use the day of rest after the long run yesterday.

Today, Tuesday, I flew to Houston for work, where I’m blogging right now.  Since I missed the track workout, I went to a 24-Hour Fitness, and did 45 minutes on a treadmill.  I feel good.

It’s amazing — now, if I do less than 45 minutes to an hour, I feel like I haven’t worked out at all.  Spooky.  Who is this person saying this stuff?


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