Training update #3 – 2-3-07 – Stanford campus –

February 8, 2007 at 8:47 am | Posted in My current training, TNT | 1 Comment

So the first weekend of the training season was the Saturday after kickoff, held on the Stanford University campus. (Irony alert — I start treatment for leukemia on the Stanford campus; I start training for a marathon for leukemia research on the Stanford campus. Yikes.)

We met by the flags, outside of the football stadium.

This first major workout had a lot of introductory information, particularly for a novice runner like me — learning about stretching, etc. After a quick warm-up run, the head coach of the team, Doug, started by showing us some stretches. Amazing I can take a picture while stretching!

Then, we divided ourselves into three groups — those who were fairly accomplished runners, those who could comfortably run about four miles or so, and novice runners. I had done 4-5 miles, but just a few times, so I couldn’t call myself a competent runner yet. So I was in the novice crowd.

In the newbie group, we had a talk by two other coaches, who talked about beginning running issues. But at length they discussed doing a marathon in a run-walk fashion. They said that many runners, not just novices, do a run-walk pattern. It gives the body a chance to recover. Fairly accomplished runners are using this method to cut time off their marathons. I had been planning to use that method, since running the whole way for 26.2 miles sounds like just insanity.

So, after that, we did run around the campus. I ran with a group who were doing running six minutes and walking two. We did this for about 2 1/2, 3 miles. It was great to be able to meet more of the other runners. Amazing how many remembered me from speaking at the information meetings.

I had been doing 4 – 5 miles or so, so after run/walking 2 1/2 I felt fine and wanted to do more.

But, I do know there will be lots lots more. Within a couple of months, I’ll be doing 15-20 miles, longer than I want to be in a car without stopping, much less running. So, I’ll be patient, and go slow….

More info as the season progresses.


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  1. I wonder if I could run 6 minutes. I dunno.
    I think I’d be the walker. If they had such a thing.

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