People who’ve supported me #6 — surprises

February 8, 2007 at 8:34 am | Posted in AIG, Those who supported me during my recovery | Leave a comment

I was the very fortunate beneficiary of support during my illness and recovery from a lot of people in a lot of areas — family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, business partners, — many many types of people. Some I’ve talked about so far, and others I will soon.

But there were a few surprises. When I say surprises, I don’t mean people, although some people I weren’t expecting to hear from. It was how I reacted that was the surprise. Certain people, either during my recovery, or the first time I saw them after, told me that they thought of me often, they prayed about me, or something similar. The big surprise was my response. I knew. I knew they had, and I had felt it. Not that I had felt it at that moment, but somehow, inside, I’d think, “Yes, you did. I know.”

It happened in a couple of instances with people who told me they had prayed for me. One of the people at AIG Consultants I work with, Beverly Cottle, told me that she had prayed for me in her church on most Sundays. Another person I hadn’t heard from in over 30 years, an old school friend in my older brother’s class, Brenda Taylor Baranowski, sent me a very nice letter that said she had her Sunday school class pray for me every Sunday, after she had heard about it from my brother Terry. I’m not a terribly traditionally religious person, but I somehow knew, and I knew it had made a difference.
I got the same feeling from every email and card, that said “our thoughts are with you,” I got it. It really makes me believe in the interconnectedness of life.

My favorite was from another AIG co-worker, Kristina Huff. She told me, when we got together as a group at an AIG Consultants national staff meeting the summer after my recovery, that on her refrigerator she had a map of the US, and a star over California. (She was in Georgia at the time.) She told me every time she went to the refrigerator, she’d look at that map, and that star, think of me, and say a prayer for my recovery.


You know, I’ve been working on this blog for over the month. Thinking about what Kristina told me was the first time I started crying. Yes, Kristina, I knew. Thank you.

And thank all of you.


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