Why I run – the people – Doug

February 3, 2007 at 6:35 am | Posted in Doug Booth, honoree, Reasons why I run, TNT | 2 Comments

Now I’m going to honor some of the people who inspire me, and for whom I will be running. There are lots of people who inspire me, but I have to start with Doug. Doug was perhaps the first other patient struggling with leukemia that I got to know. He has a chronic form of lymphoma.


I’ve gotten to know Doug well over the last few years, having been a fellow Honoree for some of the Team in Training programs over the last few years.

We took a great trip to Washington DC last fall. We agreed to take this trip while he was recuperating from a recurrence of his lymphoma. Last spring his lymphoma came back. It’s again in remission, but it’s very possible it may come back.

Doug is the personification of the need for continued research into new treatments and cures. There are thousands of people all across the country in his same situation – people for whom their quality of lives are diminished (or shortened) by recurring diseases. And although I haven’t gotten to know many of the others, I do know Doug. He is a tremendous person, with great spirit, energy, and a renewed appreciation of life. He spends almost all the time he has volunteering to cheer on TNT teams all over the Bay Area.

I’m honored to know Doug, and to be running in his honor.



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  1. Hello, I’m a friend of Doug’s from High School. This weekend I tried calling and his phone was disconnected. Do you know how to get ahold of him? Or, Maybe tell him I’m looking for him and ask him to call me?

    Ask him how the little red volkswagen is doing. That should get him going for a half hour.


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