People in whose honor I run #3 — Peggy

February 3, 2007 at 7:06 am | Posted in AIG, Reasons why I run | Leave a comment

There’s another person who’ll be with me when I train for and run the marathon — Peggy Cwik.

Peggy was the first person from AIG Consultants I met in person after I was hired. She was flown out to San Francisco to do my orientation in June 1999. And what a refreshing personality she provided; quite an interesting beginning.


Peggy has a life spirit and sense of humor of her very own. While she would often be cynical and quick witted, she had a heart of gold. She was a very hard worker, and was loved by her fellow consultants, her clients, and everyone. What she didn’t tell that many people was regularly she volunteered at a local nursing home almost every week.

I loved working with her, traveling with her, and talking about AIG and her life with her.

Then comes the surprise – just last spring we heard she was taking a few months off to begin chemotherapy for uterine cancer. She struggled most of 2006. And just after the first of the year, she relapsed, and finally succumbed to her illness.

Here’s hoping, just like with Aunt Martha, that the funds raised for Team in Training and the Society will help find treatments and cures that can help people with the life spirit Peggy had to live the life they desire. I’m running this season for you, too, Peggy.


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