People for whom I run #2 — Aunt Martha

February 3, 2007 at 7:04 am | Posted in family, Reasons why I run | 1 Comment

Along with Doug and the other people who are struggling with blood related cancers, I run for and honor some special people in my life. One is one of my favorite aunts, Aunt Martha.


Aunt Martha was one of those colorful, wonderful, cheerful loving people that the world needs more of. She was lively, always quick with her wit, her sometimes colorful in her language, but all the time loving and caring. She took good care of me, my brothers and sisters, and all my cousins as we were growing up. Our families spent summers and special occaisions together, including special summer weeks at Lake Proctor in Texas. She made sure all of us had fun and smiled.

Unfortunately we lost this very special person to cancer in the early 1990s. I honor her, and run/fundraise in her honor, for a very special reason.

You see, research funded by Team in Training programs like the one I am in help to discover therapies that can help treat and prevent all kinds of cancers, not just blood cancers. One of the major research initiatives have created what is called “targeted therapies.” I’ve mentioned chemotherapy – that kills cells all over the body just to kill cancerous cells, and in doing so kills all cells and causes side effects. Targeted therapies go after specific cells that the treatment targets. Many of these targeted therapies for blood cancers are making a difference for all types of cancers.

So, research for TNT programs can help to find better treatments and cures for all kinds of cancers. It’s too late for her, obviously, but hopefully these treatments can help other quick witted loving people, just like Aunt Martha.

I’ll be thinking of you when I’m training and out there in my marathon, Aunt Mert.


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  1. hey… that’s YOU.

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