People who’ve supported me #3 – Susie

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Another really really really important person who I have to honor for her support is Susie Engard.

Susie in Maine, October 2002


















I met Susie as a long time friend of Sam, but in just a very brief time after meeting her we became really good friends. Weshared a joy for hiking in the Bay Area hills, movies, and, of course, eating. Within a few months of moving to the area a typical weekend involved doing something with Susie.

But for purposes of my initial treatment and recovery, Susie was the one who was there that very first day at Stanford. She was there for most of those events of that day, including both the very good (the very good diagnosis and prognosis) and the very bad (the five, count ’em, five bone marrow biopsy attempts that first day). And during the subsequent hospitalizations, she would frequently come over in the morning after work (she was also working night shift as a nurse at that time). I was fortunate not to have much nausea and vomiting during my chemo — plenty of other problems, but not that. She was there for the only time I recall vomiting while in the hospital. (Hey, no one ever said it would all be glamorous.)

After those times, and through the outpatient chemotherapy, Susie was there, supportive. She also gave me the best Christmas gift I ever got, while hospitalized at Stanford with that initial treatment December 2001, when I was just about to embark on the difficult part of the treatment and recovery. It was a battery powered electric candle. On the card on it, she wrote, “To remind you there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Thanks for providing that light in all you do, Susie.


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