People who’ve supported me #1 — intro, and starting with Sam

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One of the things I want to do in addition to just providing the history is to identify, praise and honor those who made a huge impact in my recovery. You never recover from such a devastating disease without a lot of help from a lot of people. So upcoming posts will be about individuals who made a difference.

And help takes a lot of forms. First and foremost it’s those who were there at the bedside and during the recuperation. But it also it’s anyone who send a card, called, emailed, prayed for me, or just kept me in their thoughts. There will be more people than I can ever get to, and if you don’t see yourself on the list yet — just wait, I’ll get to you.

But I have to start with Sam. Click the link below to read more about Sam after the jump.


Sam is a terrific person, and did more single-handedly than anyone during my diagnosis and recovery. He was my partner at the time, and he was the main “caregiver” to use the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society terminology. He was there from the first admission, through every significant side effect, through it all. He was the communication link between the doctors and staff at the hospital, and me and the rest of family and friends. (Being an ICU nurse at the time helped.)

I had one big advantage over Sam — a lot of the really bad times I don’t remember. Many of the events you’ll hear end in a morphine drip for the pain, or in some way me resting. Sam had to live through it all, with all the worry and stress. He never got to get away from it.

As I’ve thought about the past five years in preparing for this blog, I came back so many times to what Sam did during those days. I couldn’t have made it without him, and can never thank him enough. I think we’ll always have those days as a link between us, no matter where we go in life.

This entire blog, in fact, is dedicated to him.
Sam solo


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